Shallu Annand

Founder & Director

Ocean of Harmony founder Shallu Annand is an accomplished innermost shift life coach who has been engaged in motivational and transformation work for more than a decade.

She has been the guiding force in helping people along their journey of self-discovery, conflict resolution and spiritual growth. Be it about resolving relationship issues, emotional trauma, or providing motivation for achieving one’s full potential, Shallu has lent her unique touch in every area of life where people often feel stuck.

Shallu Annand is Capped with various certifications and experience as a master hypnotist, NLP practitioner, life coach, meditation and meditative therapy facilitator, and various other healing modalities. Meditation is an integral part of all her workshops. She has been devoted to the practice of meditation since 1998 and has extensive experience in OSHO, Zen, and Sufi meditation.  She uses a unique amalgamation of various healing therapies, coaching tools and meditation techniques to address an individual or a group's unique problems and needs.

 Her cultural-educational background of a classical dancer and experience as a  founder and director of “Talam” School Of Performing Arts reflects in her body-mind awareness and leadership qualities.

Through numerous workshops over the years, the life coach Shallu Annand has motivated hundreds of people to change their mindset about their perceived limitations, and move beyond it to achieve their full potential.

Shallu Annand's holistic approach and meticulously designed sessions are complemented by certifications.


Life Coach from Life Coaching Institute of America

Consultant Hypnotist certified by National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.

Master Hypnotist & 5-path Hypnotist certified by Calvin Banyan

7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher certified by Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc, USA

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner certified by Dr Richard Bandler

Social Meditation Leader from Humaniversity, Netherlands

OSHO Meditation Facilitator from OSHO Multiversity, Pune

OSHO Meditative Therapies Facilitator certified by OSHO Foundation, Switzerland

Member of International Coach Federation

Member of Society of NLP

Member of 5-PATH International Association of Hypnosis Professional

Member of National Guild Of Hypnotists, Inc.

Beyond her certifications, shallu Annand is a constant learner from life and her biggest achievement is the love and trust from people, freedom from conditioning and fear, non-judgemental mind, open heart and gratitude towards life.


“I could experience the innermost state of my consciousness with Shallu's able guidance. To perform meditation on the full moon night in the vibrant open sky was one of the most blissful experiences of my life. The environment was full of positive energy. I was lost in the melody of her deep voice and the radiance of her grounded personality. She helped me rediscover a sense of peace, silence, and serenity within myself. I am so thankful for such a truly divine and tranquil experience.”

Aditi Kulkarni
HR Executive

Give yourself a chance, positive change is just a session away!


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